On June 28th, 2014 Julien-k played a show at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA showcasing their first album “ Death to Analog” in its entirety. The first album was Originally released in 2009 . Since then they have released a second record “ We’re here with you “ and are in the process of releasing new material. I had the privilege to attend the show and meet up with the band moments before the celebration that took place that same night with a barrage of fans and spectators.

The conversation was organic , and retrospective to their body of work since before they held up the Julien-k moniker. Ultimately the conversation carried into a love for music in general and we discussed the always evolving sounds of current music and its roots.

At the moment the interview took place they were choosing their words carefully on
information about their new material. They have several surprises in store for their fans for the next two years in regards to new material and in the fashion that they will be presenting it.

You can follow them at julien-k.com

– Bidi Cobra



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